Why Hot Cat??

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Salam satu Malaysia...
ok this entry is about why hot cat's??
actually this the nickname for my course which known as hot cat..
why??because my aunt said..this course has been called by this name for along time ago,they're known with hot-hot girls...hahaha!!with excellent appearance a.k.a sexy and quite popular course too...wooo...hehehe~
anyway you must know what cat is..meow..meow..meow...like Catwoman..haha!that was really hot one right..grr~
plus,she told me about this because she also has been in this group when she was study in hotel management at institute technology MARA(ITM) i think..hehehe...hotel and tourism is under the same sector...so it is same lorr..haha!

we do have FB acc which is DTA/DTM Hotcat, UiTM
love travel,love glamorous,love hot cat,opsss!!

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  1. jap2..
    setahu aq r kan, hot cat 2 hotel n catering...
    ape kene mngene ngan tourism??
    btw, aq hot man (hotel mgt)