Travel to Universal Studio Singapore (USS)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Starting from now on, I will share some tips for travel yar.. ;)

To those who's plan to USS, read this. It would be helpful.
Buy your USS ticket's at RM200 from any agents.
Passport? Ready!
Expenses? RM180 = SGD70
Camera's? Yeah!
Handphone? Flight mode

From JB heading to USS, I took a Transtar bus in Kotaraya. Tiket fare is RM5nett. USS > JB is SGD5 (RM12.50). Causeway Link is a bit difficult, when all people is rushing to go in. So, pick the bus that can comfy you a lot!

We'll proceed to immigration's and Woodland's Checkpoint. Then, heading to USS! ;)
When arrived, buy some drinks and foods in small quatity. Because, you will play around all the place. For the best example; Roller Coaster. Scared your tummy will grumpy and sick.
The food is Halal, and trusted. ;)

Next, when you're playing the games. Make sure, your sunglasses, handphone and etc is in your bag safely. If not, I'm scared you will lose it. HaHa! Okay. They have locker. Free for the 1st 1hour. SGD3 for the next hour.

So, enjoy the fun yar! I just been there for the whole day. And, bought some souvenirs. Snap your precious moment okayy~! Btw, its worth even just for one day. Bring money a lot if you think want to shop more! :)

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