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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Hello Semua! Selamat Petang!

Heyy today my entry's about identification card's.
Okay I don't know what is exactly happen to it.
My picture in I/C is kinda different? Is more like "minah arab celop cina sebab hidung kemek"
HaHaHa! Ya Allah, tak baik kutuk ciptaan Allah. Astaghfirullahal'azim. Ampunkan saya ya Allah.
Btw, here's the conversation between me and my beloved daddy.

| Melihat i/c baru ku yang tak serupa muka ku. What the heck?! =='
Me: Ya Allah abah! Look at my face. Not so me.
And my daddy said: kurus dah pipi awak tak tembam time kecik2 dulu.
Me: Ermm..not soo me la abah. Macam minah arab celop tak jadi je. =='
Abah: Kita kan ada keturunan arab Sheikh? Hehe cantik i/c baru ni. Abah nak buat jugak la. Hehe. *Oh daddy! Please! About my i/c anyway? =='
Me: Again daddy. Silakan buat i/c baru. Huh ok fine! Hidung abah la mancung. Saya minah arab celop cina hidung kemek. Lain la Ya hidung mancung ikut macam abah. (my sister). And me? Exactly like my late mum. Miss u mama. Your daughter has grown up. Al-Fatihah. =)

p/s: I was trying to capture the picture. But, I guess the new i/c has good material? Because it blurred out. Try it. Okbye.

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