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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Recently I make a new friends from other country. To be specifically is a korean guy. Which is non muslim. I asked him with full curiosity why are people avoiding us? Is it because our hijab and religion or what? Alhamdulillah this guy keep replying to me email eventhough he is busy, so am I either.

This is what he replied to me.

"first, we saw lots of bad accidents which was made by muslims.
  second, we are not exposed that culture. only few of muslims live in korea so we don't know much about   them
for me, I have some friend who are muslims because I live in USA now. I can understand their cultures and I know they are just normal people.
but inside of korea, because it's really rare so we feel little uncomfortable with it.
most of Koreans don't understand your strong cultures that you hide your hairs with scarf, male dominant society, and strongly believe Allah.
this is my answer. it might hurt you but I don't want to white lie to you. :)"

But dear all, don't you think hijab girl with thought to cover and and reserved herself for person that she will spend the life forever with is the most exquisite. The feeling is so different. Aren't you think? 

Let's read some articles on girl's who tried on wearing hijab! World Hijab Day! Click here HIJAB MAKES YOU FEEL SO POWERFUL

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  1. Hi :D Assalamualaikum.

    I can say that what he said is true :) Staying in a country with few Muslims exposed me with it. Actually, they don't really know what Islam is all about. Of course, they learnt about Islam generally, just like we know other religion by surface. But, with the media like TV and all that, they are more exposed to the 'bad' news which might be biased.

    I guess, it is us who need to show them Islam is all about peace and else. :) Show them, good attitude, good respect, good personality and insyAllah they will understand and will not avoid us.

    p/s - a friend of mine thought I have electric-blue-colored hair hided under the hijab :O haha

    1. Waalaikumussalam.. hi pretty :D

      Now yourself experiencing it. Yeah because they didn't expose to it and try to understand what is Islam about. CNN especially right. Who is our Islam enemy? Zionist. These people influence them. So dear, you have the chance to live in country that mostly is non muslim. Be strong and do hard to make those people notice and understand us. Show them wrong in their thoughts.

      Really? Hahaha! How come to that extend your friend think about. hahaha

    2. I will try, insyAllah :D

      I have no idea why they think like that hahaha. Sometimes, when the girls come visit to our house, they are shocked likeeee; " Ahaa, you guys just have normal hairs like others do". hahaha rasa macam alien jeee they said like that. But, it is just their curiosity kan. :)

    3. I know you will dear. hehe ;)

      Tell them like this "Of course we're normal like others, we aren't from other planet's anyway!" hahahaha! Tapi sumpah lawak. LOL! :D Adoii really burst me to laugh when i heard this kind of response. hahaha! yup true!