Why I Love top from Mango Brand's!

Monday, February 09, 2015

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Hi my dearest readers,

Thanks for being visiting my blog's and read the entry that may help you in any ways (eventhough I know I rarely update entries). LOL! :P

Not to dragging any longer. I would like to share some of clothes I loveeee to shop!!

What it is? Jeng.. Jeng.. Jeng..

It's Mango Brand's! Why I love it? There are 3 reasons why and why I love this international brand's.

Choice >> Well guys, I can have plenty of choices with this international brand's. Everything I can get for myself from top to toe. Starting from tops, pants, handbags, accessories and many more that you gonna find conveniently to suit with your own taste and preferences.  Aren't they amazing? About the size? No need to worries, because it's international sizes! Oh yeah, not to forget. The choices of design become famous inspirational fashion trend.

Quality >> I do concerns when it goes to quality. So, of course I won't mind to spend some money for a good quality. Why not?? That's why I don't mind to get myself shopping at Mango Malaysia by buying some women tops Mango  for the best premium quality you can get.

Price >> Not to forget uolss! Price also most
important okayy.. But, it must worth money spend. If you're smart shopper, you can get best prices for this international brands'. Throw away the thoughts of very expensive. Because it is worth money spend for the quality's. This is why the best things with Mango Brand.

This floral dress very tempting! Fuhh~! Suit for muslimah image that need modesty and loose style. ;)


This cross-body bag's very catchy. This one gonna be one of my new collections I guess! Aummm~! ;)

p/s: I'm so dead if my sisters know that I gonna add new handbag's. 
But, I just can't bare it, so tempting. Urghh!

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