Things To Study Before A Self Traveling

Friday, June 12, 2015

Things that you MUST study and questions yourself.
Where I want to go?
- Set a travel dream destinations. Make a list and target that list as your goal to achieve!

With whom? Whose gonna be my travel partner? Alone?
- Find a travel buddy/buddies! Depends on how many you want to go with. Not really recommend for ladies to go alone.

What is the language? Does they can speak English or only their own native language?

- If the place that you wanted to go can speak English. Then it doesn't matter as long you can speaks English at least just fair for people to understand you. If the place that you're plan to go isn't speaks English well. Get prepare of yourself by learning their language! At least the basic things.


1. Self introductions - Why you need to introduce yourself? Just in case anything that related to police stuff. Because they might can't speak English. Or you may create a new friends with the locals! *recommend to create new friends

2. Where is this place? - Of course you need a list of places you wanted to go. Then translate it into their language just in case you're lost!

3. How I can go here? - If you don't have the actual maps or less preparations. You may need ask the locals.

4. How much is this? - You're going to buy something. So, ask them in their language and understand their money notes. Remember the counts.

5. Oh my God! The more you learn their language, the more better it is. Because it's an advantage for you own too.

What are the currencies?
- Make sure the currency that you're going to and convert it. Eg. if it is Indonesia, then you must convert the currencies to Rupiah.

 Does the place is Muslim country/friendly?
- For Muslim travelers, it is going to be a bit hard if the destination's not a muslim country. Because, you're going to find some troubles in finding halal foods/drinks. Bring your own canning food just in case if you can't find any halal food or muslim friendly restaurant. For prayer? It doesn't matter as long the place is clean and do not disturb others.

 Does the place is safe for me/us?
- Check the current situations in that places. Avoid going to place that have wars, natural disasters, infected virus illness, unstable politics/crisis, etc.

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