Find Your Travel Buddies

Monday, September 07, 2015

Hey guys!!

I am back with new entries, even though my travel story part hasn't finish yet. Well, during fasting month's, I'm too lazy to update and edit these pictures. A week before raya, I was involved with car accident's. So, I was admitted to ward about 6 days! Then skip all that part because not so much important duhhh.. Hahaha!
Let's get to the point. I met my travel partner's by coincidence, or to be precisely by fate from Him. This is an attitude we all need to travel with our travel buddy's.

How to find your travel partner?
- Among your friends and family
- Travel group or club
- Through any websites (, etc)

Is he/she the one that you can travel with? Must in attitude to travel with;
- Caring, because you guys travel together. All hardship need to go through together!
- Be tolerable and understanding.
- Don't be selfish!
- Be quick in adapting something new! Don't be so fussy okay. It's not your home anyway. You're traveling wanders.
- Find someone who can finish your food, just in case you're not able to finish it or couldn't adapt those foods or otherwise. (Thank God my travel buddy's (TB) can help me to finish it. So it make me feel less guilty to throw it out).
 - Consider your partner budget!
 - Just in case you're not satisfied or mad to each other, handle it with calm. Take some silent time and reflect. You're only have each other and need each other. Avoid arguing like a child. So again, be tolerable and have a slow talk okay.

*I will update this part from time to time according to its need*

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