Wonderful Stay at Somerset Medini Nusajaya

Sunday, May 15, 2016

While I was at Legoland for the Star Wars days. Here is the place where I stay for 2 nights! Somerset Medini Nusajaya!

So let's we go overview the place that super best and awesome!

From the entrance view

The first impression that I had encounter.  It's a wow!

The entrance door

I got the twin share bed! My partner haven't arrive yet that time.

Interesting interior indeed! Fresh and breathtaking ;)

The mini kitchen, my roommate did bought maggi and cooked over. Yumms!

Kitchen's utensils provided. Just name it! Sauce pan? Knife? Pot? Find the things you need at the kitchen's cabinet and drawers.

The fridge is so gedabak(big)! Not like a usual mini bars like in other hotel room's. I put all the foods and drinks inside the fridge's. Also, they have microwave if you need to re-heat.

Let's get a tour to bathroom! Oh well, they have shower not a bathtub. *frust a bit

The most I love inside this bathroom was the weight scale!

After shower everytime, the things I will step on. *you know what it is right?

Inside this shower they provide us a shower gel, conditioner and shampoo. Whoaa! I love it!

At the sink's you may find this! Oh yeah the bottle is body lotion. Super love!

Shaver? Tooth paste and tooth brush? Comb? Shower cap? What else?

Most favorite was the bathrobe! Auww~! Best lah!

They have iron board hanging with the iron's. Safety box, the most important things okay to keep your valuable. Not to forget, hair dryer! But, I forgot to capture it. 😅😅

They have home theater for you guys to watch!
If you're too lazy to go out, then you may entertain your self by watching the tv's. Or otherwise, the tv's watching you. LOL!
Here is the over look from the pool. Exquisite!
Neat, tidy, breathtaking and fresh!

Oh well my room's tidy at first. But, on the next day my hotel room's doesn't look like one anymore. Things are every where inside the room's. Eh? Hahaha kantoi! Then, the house keeper come to the rescue!

Seriously I'm deadly in love with this place. It just a walking distance to Legoland, by walk through the Medini Mall. Actually, they're newly open the place.

This place is recommended to whom want to have a leisure with family. They have garden's, gym's and many more. So for those who has falling in love and wanna have stay over at this place. You may visit to Somerset Medini Nusajaya for more details and reservations.

p/s: I hardly to update this entry when my laptop's started to rebel over me. Duhh~! Freaking stress. Please pardon and apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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