Caravan & Camping: I Survived People!

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Who ever had a wish to go for a camping, caravan and other adventure stuff? Maybe a bit outside of your comfort zone or a total outside of your comfort zone.
If you guys do, please keep reading this entry aite. :)

Sometimes lead a busy life can't let you escape more further. I'm working as travel consultant anyway. Alhamdulillah, I had a comfort life to live in. But, sometimes I need to teach myself to not always get comfortable with those thing. I need to get out from my shell and go experience thing without any worries and regrets in life. 

I always wanted to go on camping at the age of 25. Hahaha!
I'm not that too old for that kind of wish-list right? Because during school days, I'm always being active and went for camping most of the time. So that's why my skin always dark (so damn tanned but yet sexy*okay kidding!) when I was a teenager back then. LOL!

So yeay! I got the chance finally! Special thanks to Malaysia Camping and Caravan Industry Association and other teams that gave a good co-operation to get this event done. 

The Collaboration Partners:-

At this stage of age, if I want to go for a camping, comfort is my priorities! *But, actually I don't really mind if the expedition so damn adventure. Just I need a very deep thought sihhh~! :P

So, the solution I have here for those who are interested to go to camping or something adventure but yet comfort. Caracamp  or glamping the best choice for people like me! Caracamp is a combination word from caravan + camping. Meanwhile, glamping is a combination from glamour + camping.

What you will get from caracamp? You will able to relax and enjoy your sunny day or experience something extraordinary. Who knows aite? Everyone have their own moment that cannot be describe. 

So, here I give you a glimpse of the event. Woohoo~!

The team partners

The HAMMOCK! By Malaysia Hammockers - Credit to Abang Fadhli (

Villa Kontena
Inside a caravan for us to call it a night! Thanks C.A.M :)
Malaysian Caravan

We have so many activities of the day such as bonfire, live music and fooddd~! But unfortunately I have mistakenly deleted those pictures. OMG~! Silly me. :(

Sorry guys, I couldn't share all the experience I had. If you guys really interested with this urban camping, caracamp, glamping and etc. Please visit to each collaboration partners link. It will helps you to find more information or you may drop me an email or comment the down below aite. Toodles guys~!

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