Peaceful Stay in Padi Heritage Hotel, Malang

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Meet Mr Afrizal, the new manager in this hotel. Well, I love to discover an unique hotel or resort for a short stay and review. This place about 20 minutes journey from the train station in Malang. I took a Grab car to Padi Heritage with only IDR 23,000 (roughly RM7.50 I think). So kinda cheap for me eventhough it's quite far. The place is more likely "kampung" style in a city. If you want to feel the kampung retreat place, you MUST come here.

The hotel rates can be start as lowest RM90 per night for standard room (based on or you may directly to the website and choose the type of hotel rooms that you prefer. Total of rooms that Padi Heritage have is about 20 rooms, if I'm not mistaken.

So, I got the Exotic Gold Room for the night! Price range for this room is IDR 425,000 (weekdays) and IDR 500,000 (weekends). Well, the room are extremely big for me to stay alone! Hahahaha! They have a big window to see the beautiful and calm scenery outside of the room. Let's see how it looks like!

This is the big window that I'd mentioned

So damn spacious!

The bed frame, can you imagine how big it is

So the bed are facing the windows

The Entrance of Padi Heritage

You have to follow this arrow if you want to find the place, otherwise you will get lost
Basically this is how it looks like, of course you guys need to wait up for my videos of this place, which is I will put the video link at the end of this post. It gonna takes me sometime to edit the video as I am currently busy working. I hardly to have time to edit it properly. The place is totally worth to stay! Best to discover a new place.

After my stay in Padi Heritage, I checked out in the afternoon and proceed to Arjosari Bus Terminal. I took a Grab and it cost me IDR 29,000 (RM10 during my conversion).

Here is the video I made for this place.

Feel free to watch and please keep supporting me! Thanks!

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