Thursday, May 31, 2018

Recently I have been to Federal Hotels International (FHI) for their Ramadhan Buffet this year. Guess what? There are 100 plus traditional dishes to be chose from featuring a mammoth spread of authentic Kampung delicacies and traditional delights complemented with favourite local flavours at the Kontiki Restaurant. Not to forget, you will be tempted with local recipes and also ever-lasting favourites from Tunku's Kitchen belonging to Malaysia's beloved first Prime Minister, Y.T.M Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al Haj. Facts - 8 menus to rotate daily. Any further due, let's we cuci mata with all the dishes that has been served.

Ulam Station

Kerabu Station *i love the kerabu mangga!

This food feast totally fit for a prince. a legacy cookbook has been tribute and dedicated by FHI to Malaysia's beloved 1st Prime Minister. These dishes are very important for our country heritage, as many of the recipes and cooking traditions handed down through the generations are fast disappear.   

Pudding Caramel my favourite! Others are yummy too!

Rambutan anyone? Many types of fruit to be picked!

Kambing golek section, too bad I didn't snap the kambing golek. Excited much with others. LOL!

Dim Sum anyone?

Cendol or ABC? Cendol mestilah.

*drooling :)

Gear Box? Damn tasty! Recommended!
Are you guys start to drool over these dishes?? Comment below if yes!

Need a coffee break? Here you go. A coffee station.

Indoor Table Setting

Poolside table setting? Enjoy!

My fooooddd~!! Yummeyhhh!!!

Photo of the day!

So, just to be clear with you guys. There are 2 type of stalls; indoor and outdoor at poolside area. The rates will be inclusive both stalls.  You can eat all you want within 2 hours and a half.

Buffet rates per pax (nett)
Adult - RM 138
Old Citizen - RM 69
Child - RM 38

This promotion are only valid from 25 May - 14 June 2018.
Do you want extra 30% less?
A discount will be given to Gracious Rewards (click here) &  FHI Priveledge Club (click here) members.

For further inquiries:-
Please contact 03-214 89166 or email to

Kontiki Restaurant
Federal Hotels International
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur. 

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