Food Hunting @ Cameron Highlands #1

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Hi guys! It has been a very long time I have not actively with my blog post and my Instagram/Youtube channel. Extremely busy with my full time job. So, last month before Ramadhan, I went for a short getaway in Cameron Highlands about 2 days and 1 night. This entry will be about the food I hunt while staying there. For some reasons, this 2 places that I have been. Makes me feel at home. I love the food and it's freakishly delicious and tastier I ever tried. This is not a paid review guys. I'm giving my honest view and total recommend it.

Actually I want to post this entry right away after I came back. Apparently, I didn't bring my DSLR during that time, so I took the photos and videos using my only Samsung S7 Edge. Then, the memory nearly full and I uploaded on OneDrive. Long story short, I have a bit problem on getting them into my laptop. LOL! Thank god finally I can downloaded them after a while. Hahaha! I have to downloaded all those photos and videos one-by-one and it takes forever. Please bear with me. Sorry to those people who are patiently waited for my finally blog post.

So, let's get it started shall we?

I arrived in Cameron around 10pm that time by bus from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron. So, upon arrival I was freaking famished. Whoever mess with me that time, I'll definitely eat that person as my dinner meal. Hahaha! I'm not freaking kidding okay. No one can mess with my meal. Nope ever.

I went to The Mossy Forest Café to feed my starving stomach. A little bit introduction about this café, they have been running the business since 2016. It has been 3 years now, not that long but not that new too. There's something you need to know about this restaurant is a hipster concept. But, the price is totally reasonable. Unlikely in Kuala Lumpur, all the hipster café's in Kuala Lumpur will cut your head off before paying the bills. Heck, that's why I never been food hunting in Kuala Lumpur. The taste wasn't that tasty after all.

Oh, so let's get back to the topic this Mossy Forest Café. They served food with passion and love. Whatever they cooked, totally 100% home made / self made or what ever you call it. The food was mainly western dishes, but they have added some little twist in some local flavours to the menu. Which is "Nasi Lemak" Burger. See below guys!


Don't want burgers? Pasta also got lah! Holy sweet I love that chocolate milkshake so much. They put love potion I think? I ordered it twice guys. No kidding. I drank all by myself. Hahaha!

Just want to have some tea time with beloved ones? Well, you can ordered a slice of cake with tea. If you love their cakes, you can order the cake with them for any occasions!

Tempting much?

Wonder where are they located?

So, here's the details can be found.
The Mossy Forest Café
Address : C-G-03 Cameron Fair, Tanah Rata
Telephone : 05-485 1208

Next place will be continued on Food Hunting @ Cameron Highlands #2

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