Food Hunting @ Cameron Highlands #2

Monday, May 27, 2019

Hello guys! So, let's we continue to the 2nd day after I done getting my self "cuter" ever on the 1st day arrival.

On the 2nd day, I went to Tiny Boutique Habitat. What is this place about? Well, it's a homestay and also a finest place for you to feed your starving stomach with so much tastier food you ever ate. So, they have their own cafe known as Tiny Boutique Cafe for in-house guests or anyone who want to enjoy their food are welcome!

Psstt! They have the best pizza ever guys!! It's their own recipe and cannot compared others! Totally home made / self-made. Look the photo I took. Best combo ever.

 Fresh made from ovens. Oh! Anyway they are not using the normal baked ovens, they are using fire oven like that so traditional style. I forgot what they called it. But, I will make sure to update you guys about it okay!

 Fresh fruits for the milkshake, the taste are so refreshing and definitely not enough once. I drank both smoothies. Strawberry and mango! Not so "muak" okay. The sweet just fine for whom doesn't like sweet taste.

Want another food options? Chicken chop? I love their self-made sauce for the chicken-chop. They are so much food option at the cafe.

Again, they made it with passion and love. I think that's why I fell in love easily with this food and the place.

Talking about the place, since they're a homestay that located in Kampung Taman Sedia, I'm pretty sure no everyone familiar with this village right? Since most of local or tourist only known Tanah Rata or Brinchang. So, this Tiny Boutique Habitat located on between of this famous places. They are officially launched this homestay since 2017. They are 2 years old now, but I could say their place are always fully booked.

Why? Because of their homestay concept was inspired by an old English cottages with a minimalism interior. The garden area feature with flower and vegetable patch, as they grow their on greens. Moreover, they have mini petting zoo. For instance, rabbits, geese, hamster and a variety of chicken.

Do I stay at their homestay? No guys! So I'm unable to review further about their rooms. But, here is some details I got for you guys. I don't have photos but I will link to their website. Since, I was recording some videos when visit their homestay room's.

They have a total of 6-homestay units available. They have 2 Premium Lodges with 4 Superior Lodges in between. All units are a storey and a half (freaking unique and soooo English style). Sort of my dream home. Okay, let's continue back with the rooms. So, they are featuring a loft with a Japanese-style mattress and the kids will surely love it! 

Once I'm done editing the videos for my short getaway in Cameron. I will like them to my channel okay.

But, before that let's visit Tiny Boutique Habitat website first. If you think it's really helpful for your short getaway. Please let me know! I would happy to hear it from you!

So their location as follows:-

Address : 24, Kg Taman Sedia, 39000 Tanah Rata.
Telephone : 016-215 3244

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