Part 1 - Jeju Island, South Korea

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Feel free to read my stories okay. This entry would be helpful for those who plans for a budget self travel. Please be inform that, any related to money spent. It is depend on current currency rates. So, I will be breakdown the total of money spent according that time of rates.

Which is, during my travel time exchange rates was like 1000 Won = 3.45 Myr. By the time you read this, the currency might have change it. Therefore, I will write in Won currencies and you may refer to current currency exchange. Every single cost will be update in different entries. For this entry, just the day that I'd gone through sound and safe. :D

Please refer here Travel Cost 6D5N in S.Korea by Fyra

Day One: 28 May 2015 ( KUL - PUS - CJU )

Departed from KLIA2 (KUL) by Air Asia at 0830 hrs and safely landed at Busan International Airport (PUS) by 1545 hrs. Then, I took a domestic flight to Jeju Island by Jeju Air at 1705 hrs (mine were very risky, please pick 2hours departure after arrival, just to avoid flight delays by airlines) and again safely landed in Jeju Airport at 1805hrs.

Afterwards, I've been fetch up by the host, the place that we gonna stay over for 3 days 2 nights.Then, I just ate something simple. Since all restaurants close early. Nothing much to tell for the first day, the tour haven't start yet.

Day Two: 29 May 2015 (Yongnuni Oreum - Gymnyung Maze Park - Woljeong-li Beach - Seongsan Ilchulbong - Seobji-koji)

We're going to start our tour by hiking to Yongnuni Oreum. Oreum in Jeju dialect means peak. Since in Jeju a lots of oreum. So, we try to climb up and enjoy the scenery. I recommend for those whose like to hiking. This place suitable for you guys. It's so refreshing. The air so different, I wish I can live somewhere like that place.

Next, we went out for play! Yeay! Let's play at Gymnyung Maze Park!

Then, let's splash some water! Weehuuu Woljeong-Li Beach! The water so clean and cold.

Have a rest and stop playing. I'm hungry! Refer Foodie Appendix

Now, we're back! Let's hiking Seongsan Ilchulbong! So damn high okay! Freaking exhausted, we'd so many pit stop. =='

 Final tour for today. Seobji-Koji. So wonderful place for family to hang out. Mostly I've met a lot of family with 3 generations. What I meant, the grandfather and grandmother, daughter/daughter in law and son/son in law with their children.

p/s: I will be going update the part 2 of Jeju Island. Stay tuned!

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